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Protecting Yourself Against COVID

Keeping yourself away from people who are infected with COVID is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the disease. This virus is spread through respiratory droplets. However, it can also be spread through physical contact. Keeping yourself away from people who are infecting you with COVID is essential, but there are also steps you can take at home to reduce your risk. The following are three of the most effective methods.

Protecting yourself against covid

The most important measure against COVID is to get vaccinated. In addition, it is important to wash your hands frequently, preferably for 20 seconds. It is also advisable to avoid being in close contact with sick people and to practice social distancing. If you are unsure about the vaccination process, consult your doctor for advice. If you think that you have contracted COVID, you should get vaccinated.

Another way to protect yourself against COVID is to get vaccinated. The vaccine is available for free. It is also important to know that e-commerce scams are common. If you buy a COVID vaccine from an unfamiliar source, make sure you check for a fake number on the caller ID. Don’t purchase covid 19 products online if you don’t have the vaccine.

Besides getting vaccinated, you should wear a mask when in public indoor areas. In addition to this, keep at least six feet away from other people and wash your hands often. It’s also important to avoid crowds and poorly ventilated areas, and to open windows as often as possible. In addition, you should practice social distancing and wash your hands thoroughly. If you can’t get vaccinated, you should try to practice physical distancing.

Getting vaccinated against COVID is one of the most important steps to protect yourself from the disease. In addition to the vaccine, you should also practice good hygiene. If you have an open wound, it’s important to wash your hands frequently. Additionally, make sure you use hand sanitizers and disinfectants. You should also avoid social distancing. Finally, the best way to protect yourself against COVID is to make sure you’re protected from it. You should follow the advice provided by FEMA and the World Health Organization.

When you’re in public spaces, wearing a mask is crucial. You should also stay at least six feet away from other people. Using a mask helps protect you from the COVID virus. When you are in a crowded space, you should open the windows to get fresh air. Moreover, you should wash your hands frequently, at least twenty seconds, and clean high-touch surfaces regularly. This way, you’ll avoid getting infected with COVID-19.

When you’re out and about in crowded places, you should always wear a mask. Besides the vaccination, you should practice physical distancing from those who are infected. For those who are not in close contact with people who are infected with COVID, you should also practice social distancing and avoid crowds. You should also be aware of the symptoms of COVID.

To protect yourself from COVID, get a vaccine. Moreover, use a mask if you’re exposed to COVID-19. You should also wash your hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds. In addition, you should avoid close contact with people who have the virus. If you’re in a crowd, try to remain at least six feet away. You should also avoid crowded places, and try to open windows. If you’re outside, use a face mask.

To protect yourself from COVID, you should first understand how the virus spreads. You can protect yourself by getting a COVID vaccine. In addition to the vaccine, you should practice hand washing for at least 20 seconds. Lastly, you should avoid close contact with sick people and practice social distancing. In general, you should follow all public health guidelines to minimize your risk of contracting COVID.

The most effective way to protect yourself from COVID is to get a COVID-19 vaccination. This vaccination will prevent the disease from spreading to others. It is available in the public health clinics and at UTRGV campuses. Students and employees can register through online registration. The university will also host walk-up vaccination events in Brownsville and Edinburg. You can sign up for these events on its website. By registering, you’ll receive a COVID-19 vaccine at the convenience of your door. Check¬† for more.

What is Equity Release?

What is equity release? Equity release is a way of getting a regular stream of cash flow, with the difference being that the money you receive is almost always tied to the value of a property or other asset that has appreciated in recent times, with the exact value of the property being determined by what kind of property you have, when it was built and how much money the builder is willing to let you borrow now. If you are looking into taking out equity release, then you will be able to calculate the exact amount of money you will be receiving.

what is equity release

As well as equity release from home loans, you can also get money from your mortgage repayments. Usually, you only get to take out what you owe, so if you haven’t made any monthly repayments on the loan, then you will not be able to borrow any more. You have to take out what you owe first, and then the repayments will usually figure into the total amount you are then able to claim.

If you have an interest-only mortgage, you will normally get a release amount that is based on the current mid-market exchange rate of your chosen interest rate. Once this has been reached, you will be able to take out what is known as a cash lump sum release. This amount is paid directly to the bank, and then you are free to do what you want with the money. It is important to note that this does not release you from any obligations that you may owe the bank. It just releases the principal amount of the mortgage and there is no way of taking it out again in the future.

A repayment mortgage is different to an interest only mortgage in that you do have to meet some requirements with regards to your monthly repayments. The amount you will get released will be based on the amount you owe, plus a certain amount of points (PPS – Payment points). You will have until the end of the month that your mortgage is paid in full. After this date, you will have to start repaying the mortgage again. This means that the amount of equity release works differently depending on which type of mortgage you have and how much you owe.

These are just two of the possible options for releasing equity within a loan. It is important to get professional financial advice if you are unsure of how these work or whether you would be better using one of them. It is worth noting that it is a good idea to get professional advice if you are unsure of what your options are and whether a particular option would be a good choice for your circumstances. Only a financial expert can give you the right advice based on your needs.

Take some time to think about what is equity release and how it could affect your financial situation. If you are planning on applying for a traditional mortgage in the future then consider looking into the advantages and disadvantages of what is equity release. Also, take some time to consider what is the best choice for your circumstances. With a bit of financial advice you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not a traditional mortgage or an equity release loan is right for you.

Dunfermline Window Cleaners

Dunfermline window cleaners are experts when it comes to cleaning windows in Dunfermline. This is a town situated in the county of Highland, in Scotland. The people who live here enjoy relaxing time while watching the sun set or rising. To them, the best thing that they can offer is a good quality of work for this very special occasion.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning company to do the job. The first one is that they know the ins and outs of cleaning such windows. They know how to go about the cleaning process and they use equipment that has been specially made for window cleaning. They have high-tech tools that are used for cleaning every nook and cranny of your window. This ensures that your windows look as good as new.

Dunfermline window cleaners also guarantee their work. There are certain procedures that are to be followed by the company in order to ensure that your windows remain clean and shiny. Once hired, you will receive timely updates about the progress. In case there is something that needs to be done, you can expect your window cleaners to do it in no time.

A company that employs Dunfermline window cleaners is called ‘Dreamers’. They are led by a team of fully trained and experienced cleaners. The entire staff is comprised of people who love doing cleaning and they are all dedicated to giving you the best service you can imagine. Every individual in the team is willing to give their 100% because they know that you’ll be happy with the results once they are done. They are happy to earn your trust and are sure that they will do their very best to give you a perfect cleaning job. You can leave assured that you are in good hands.

If you want to have your windows sparkling and clean, then hiring a company like Dreamers will be a great idea. They offer a variety of services that will ensure that your home is sparkling clean at all times. Once they arrive to clean your windows, you can expect your windows to be spotless. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the time taking because the windows will be cleaned as soon as they arrive.

When you hire Dunfermline window cleaners, you can relax because they know what they’re doing. This is one of the reasons why you should always go for professional companies. It would be wise to hire professionals who have been in the business for quite a while. This way, you can be sure that you will always get the best service and results from these window cleaning experts. Once you have your windows sparkling clean, you will feel that your home is even more beautiful.

What Are Some Things to Consider When Selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan?

A Medicare Supplement Plan home page, sometimes also known as Medigap, is an individual insurance plan which will help cover some of your healthcare costs that Medicare does not cover. This can include deductibles, coinsurance and out-of pocket costs for certain healthcare costs. For Medicare participants who are on the rise and experiencing rising healthcare costs, a Medicare Supplement Plan can help put your mind at ease. For example, if you are one of those aging baby boomers who are paying for long term health care but have been turned down by their current HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) forgoes the choice to select from a hospital within their network. If you go with a Medicare Supplement Plan, you will be covered in most cases for those three types of healthcare services – hospitalization, nursing home care and surgery – regardless of where the service is performed. You will still need to purchase the specific policy that covers your specific healthcare needs.

medicare supplement plan






















Medicare Supplement Plans were created to help bridge the gap between the actual cost of healthcare services and what Medicare would provide if a person fell ill and needed to be hospitalized. Before Medicare Supplement Plans, if a person fell ill and was unable to pay their own medical bills Medicare would cover the rest. Today, most people are finding it difficult to pay their own deductibles and coinsurance due to rising healthcare costs. A Medicare Supplement Plan can be a life saver in situations like this.

Although Medicare Supplement Plans helps relieve some of the pressure on high-cost care, they do not always offer a better alternative to high-deductible, out-of-network providers. When considering Medicare supplement insurance plans, it’s important to understand how Medicare advantage plans work. Basically, the applicant (the one who applies for the insurance) makes an initial premium payment, then makes payments every month to the Medicare provider of their choice. After making the initial premium payment, the applicant can take advantage of all of the benefits provided by their specific provider until they retire. It basically pays for the “gaps” left behind by other insurance plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan coverage varies from state to state. There is no single uniform national standard as to what Medicare supplement original Medicare policies offer. Each state has different laws and rules regarding how premiums, exclusions and providers are chosen. In general, advantage plans and other policies from smaller, out-of-network providers tend to offer fewer services and coverage than policies offered from larger, more liberalized providers.

Obviously, the most common services covered under Medicare advantage plan options are in-patient hospitalization, skilled nursing home care, hospice care, and physician visits. However, these benefits are not available across all states, so it’s a good idea to investigate your specific state’s regulations before selecting a plan. For example, in Alabama, there is no limit on the number of times you can visit a hospital within a 30-day period, but once you visit a hospital within that period, your Medicare claims will be disqualified. Similarly, many Medicare Advantage Plans excludes chiropractic care from being included in your treatment plan. Make sure your providers list their services in full in order to receive the full benefit.

As mentioned earlier, the government hopes to have Medicare Supplement Plan options available in five years. Although this is still years away, it is far more realistic than the ten year periods given by official Medicare figures. Additionally, it is likely that Medicare Supplement Plan options will become even more varied by the time five years rolls around. The time frame given by the government would be based on when problems with the current system are most severe.

Sports News – A Challenging Career Track

Sports news is a specialized form of news writing that covers events pertaining to sports and sporting subjects. Sports Journalism originated in the late 1800s when it mainly was aimed at the upper class and has now successfully transitioned into a part of the general news industry with leading newspapers having regularly devoted sports sections. Today, Sports Journalism has turned into a lucrative profession with numerous sports media companies producing news content for sporting events, celebrities and sportswomen across the globe. It also covers other aspects of the sport which may include medicine, coaching, sports trends, equipment and safety as well as many more.

Sports News

The objective of a sports journalist is to first and foremost to deliver accurate, timely, comprehensive and clear details regarding sporting events, irrespective of their region and sport. Sports journalists follow a strict code of ethics which requires them to ensure objectivity and accuracy in their reporting and as such are expected to adhere to a set of professional rules and regulations governing sports journalism. Sports Journalism therefore, requires meticulous planning, effective writing skills, a strong command over the English language and a first-class understanding of how and what constitutes sports journalism. There are several sub-specialties within sports journalism, including sports reporting, game reporting, feature reporting, news coaching/trainings and sports coaching/fitness training.

College Football provides the perfect example of how sports journalism can be executed perfectly. College Football News is the fastest growing sub-niche in the world of sports journalism and is in fact the only legitimate way for college athletes to gain access to prominent sports journalists that will give them exclusive interviews, inside information and exclusive rights to reports. Through college football news, the public is introduced to unknown coaches, players and other key personnel in high schools and colleges. College football fans can also follow various college games through various websites and RSS feeds, getting all the relevant information about the teams, players and the playing venues.

Another example is the major league Baseball. Through live play-by-play, fans get to listen to commentaries from game commentators, managers and other team insiders. Through the year award winning Major League Baseball blog, fantasy baseball players can participate in fantasy trading, build their own player database and keep up with all the latest news. Fantasy Baseball News is one of the few blogs dedicated to bringing daily fantasy content directly to baseball fans. The daily news and analysis cover all areas of baseball and are very popular among baseball fans, young and old.

Sporting events like tennis and soccer are fast becoming household names and the coverage of these sports is a huge part of every day in America. Tennis Matches are covered live on air and in print, while ESPN does an entire week dedicated to bringing you tennis news and reporting. Similarly, ESPN soccer news is followed around the world by millions of soccer fans. Similarly, any updates on the latest team and player transfers are published immediately on the front page of sport news websites to keep fans updated throughout the season.

Sports Journalism is very different from other forms of journalism because sports reporting involves more access to information, which sports journalists have become experts in deciphering. Sports Journalism also demands that journalists have a thorough understanding of how sport influences society at large and what fans and professionals outside the sports world are saying about the games and players. This is what gives Sports News a distinctly different slant from most news stories: it’s more analytical than subjective. It’s an exciting challenge for journalists. Sports Journalism pays well and there are plenty of job opportunities in sports journalism, making it a great career choice for graduates who want to be in sports reporting.

Tree Service in Plano – Where to Get Your Trees Trimmed

tree service in Plano

Tree service providers are necessary when you live in a place where you have to deal with lots of trees and even the most hardy ones can cause problems if they are not pruned properly. If you have a large tree at home, then hiring a tree service company is essential as they can help you get rid of your tree in the best possible way. If you own a restaurant in Plano, you will know how important it is to trim trees on a regular basis and this is the main reason why it is important to hire professionals who will do the job for you. There are lots of advantages that you can get by hiring professionals and some of them are mentioned below:

No matter how good the tree surgeon is, if the tree remains unharmed after the surgery, there is no point in trimming it down. Trimming down unharmed trees increases the risk of disease and infection and the chances of injuries on the limbs and branches. When you hire a professional arborist in Plano, you will be assured of getting all the services that you require at a very reasonable price. The professional arborist knows how to deal with trees and will ensure that your tree remains healthy so that it does not fall prey to any insect or disease. The professional arborist knows that Plano is a busy place and trees are expected to grow freely and without any restrictions.

There are plenty of companies who offer tree trimming in Plano. However, you have to be very careful while choosing one and you have to make sure that the company you choose is reliable and trustworthy. The trimming season in Plano starts from October and continues till March so it is important to find a reliable arborist as soon as you can. The arborist should have some experience in tree trimming and he should have a license from the city. It is important that the company uses modern techniques to prune your trees and use only the safest cutting tools available.

If you live in the residential area of Plano, you should know that the city has certain rules and regulations for tree removal and trimming. For instance, you cannot let the trees grow near your house, there should be proper spacing between the trees and they have to be cut down if they become very big. You also have to see to it that the residential tree service in Plano works in consultation with the residents’ association or the homeowners’ association so that the work of the arborist does not affect their personal right to privacy. Also, a tree trimming in Plano should not take longer than one day, otherwise it may affect traffic in the area. Also, the noise from the trimming operation should be minimal.

You may opt for trimming your trees yourself if you do not want to hire the services of an arborist. This is not at all difficult but this option involves more time and money, which is why most people opt for professional tree service in Plano. The trimmers at the tree service in Plano will be able to trim your trees so well that no one will even know that you have trimmed the trees yourself! This is a great idea because you may opt for different types of trees depending on the location of your homes.

It would be best if you ask some professional plano tree care providers in Plano for recommendations about which trees should be planted in your area. You may choose among the Leyland Cypress, Juniper, Pin Oak, or even the Blue Spruce. They are all great choices because they have distinct characteristics and are good performers both in terms of growth and appearance. Trimming is not something that should be left to chance because it can affect the way your trees grow and mature so you have to get the right plano tree care professionals to take care of the task.

Tips For Finding Refill Tanks Austin

A propane tank refill Austin can last for a long time if it is properly maintained. One of the most common mistakes that people make is not filling their tanks to the proper levels when they are empty. This can result in damage to the tank and to you as the owner because you will not be able to refill your propane tanks when they are running low. This article will give some simple, yet effective things you can do to fill up your propane tanks. After reading this article, you should know how to properly fill your propane tank.

Before you begin filling your tank, you should make sure that you have enough propane gas in the tank. To determine the level of gas in the tank, you will need a fuel gauge or a gas hydrant. You should also have an idea of how much propane you think you’ll need in order to fill your tank. If you find that you need more propane than the amount of gas in the tank, you should refill the tank using a little more than the amount of gas in the tank.

There are a few different ways to fill up your propane tanks in Austin. One way is to use your car’s fuel pump. This method can be extremely dangerous because the propane level in the tank can drop very quickly if the nozzle isn’t cleaned properly. You could result in a fire or explosion, which is something you don’t want to do in Austin. You should only use a propane tank pump if you have someone with you who can clean the tank for you, or if you plan on using propane in Austin.

Another way to refill your propane tanks in Austin is to use the gas line at your home. This method is faster and easier, but it also has its problems. One of the biggest problems you will experience with this method is that the propane can leak out of the vent near the storage tank. This is a problem you will want to avoid at all costs, because if you have this problem, you will want to purchase another propane tank or take your gas tank elsewhere in the city.

You may also be able to refill your propane tanks at your local grocery store. There are some grocery stores in Austin that have propane refill kits. These kits usually contain enough propane to last you for one to two days. You will want to use these kits sparingly, because the propane may damage your paint, appliances, or other items inside your home. The propane that leaks out of the bottles will likely also damage any grass you have outside. These refill kits may also not have the correct amount of propane, so it is important that you read the instructions carefully before purchasing a refill kit.

Your best bet for an efficient way to refill your propane tanks is to purchase an affordable air compressor and take advantage of some of the many services offered by community maintenance and landscaping companies. The professionals at these companies will come to your home, garage or other location and fill your tank with fresh propane gas from your service area. Most of the time, they will come to your house, garage or other location, but they also will come to your location if your tank is too far away to refill it on your own. This can save you money, because you won’t have to pay someone to come to your house. The refilling services can also refill your tank if your propane line goes down, but this is not usually an issue because the majority of community maintenance companies offer round-the-clock emergency services. Take a look at some of the services these companies offer, and you will soon see why these services can be affordable and convenient.

Bounce House Rentals Finding the Best Options

Bounce House Rentals Columbia SC is all the rage in the fall and winter months. Fall brings us the classic outdoor playgrounds, snow cones and ever-popular cotton candy. Winter brings us the traditional ice skating rink and snow mobiles. Whatever season it is, there’s always something fun and festive to cheer up a household or backyard.

There’s always something great to cheer up as a new year approaches and 2021 is right around the corner. After months and years of staying in quarantined and stay-at-home baby-sitters, everybody is ready to party the evening away and celebrate the winter holiday with excitement. Anybody looking for bounce houses for rent in Columbia SC or water slides for rent in SC should check out the wide selection and options available by Laugh-N-Cry. These establishments are famous for providing not only themed parties but quality entertainment at an affordable price.

When shopping for the best bouncy houses and water slides in SC, it’s important to consider where they will be placed and whether or not the party will be indoors or outside. If the venue will be inside, the furniture, decorations and amenities should match those of the theme park that the rental company works with. A fun thing to do when visiting a theme park is checking out the in-park activities. Some of the best things fun about a trip to a South Carolina theme park include visiting the jungle, getting a first-hand look at gorillas and other animals, riding the roller coasters, eating cotton candy and seeing the fireworks.

In case the party is going to be outdoor, the surroundings and furniture have to be as appropriate as if the venue was inside. For example, the guests may want to sit on furniture made from a material like Wicker. Furniture made from natural fibers, like wood, would be best for a more natural environment. The most popular destination for kids during the summer months is undeniably the Columbia, SC beaches. To help children have fun on the beaches without breaking the bank, many rental companies offer combo water slides and bouncy houses that kids can enjoy at their own safe pools.

Because there are many beautiful places in SC to go on vacation, anyone searching for the best beach vacation rentals will find it easier to locate a place to stay. A person interested in renting near the beach should check out the Columbia, SC beach houses for rent. The beach house selection offered by Rental Universe is vast and the decor and amenities offered are top notch. Choosing to stay at a house near the beach allows anyone searching for the best accommodations to get all of their needs met. The wide range of amenities offered includes spas, pools, hot tubs, saunas, game rooms, great restaurants, movies, convenience stores, and so much more. There is truly a wide selection of fun and interesting places to stay when searching for a vacation rental house to rent near the shore.

In case someone is interested in an indoor activity rental, then Rental Universe offers many exciting options. Bounce houses and other indoor games and activities are available in an endless array of sizes, colors, and themes. There are playgrounds in all shapes and sizes. There are also vast collections of themes that are offered from fairy tale characters to sports related themes. Whatever a person’s taste might be, they will easily be able to find a place to stay by researching the online reviews that are available. Whether a person is searching for a spacious home to stay in or a cute condo, they can find what they are looking for with Rental Universe!

Challenge Coin Company

A challenge coin company is usually a small, metal medallion or coin, usually with the insignia of an association and carried by all the members of the organization. Historically, they may be awarded to show membership when challenging fellow members or to improve morale within the department. They are often collected by police officers and military personnel. These coins may be personalized with the name of the recipient, the branch of the military or the agency the person is serving in, the unit number or the name of the person giving the award.

In times past, challenge coins were actually made for the purpose of testing the man’s aptitude in battle. The coins were presented by a member of the raiding party to the individual they were challenging. If the person was able to prove their superiority to the raiding party, the coins were presented as a trophy to add to their honor and show off their skills. This practice has continued on into modern times and many military and law enforcement personnel still carry these coins as part of their honor and recognition. Often, these coins are also used as a means of identification for members of the military and other forces since they are usually made from very sturdy, durable metal.

The purpose of the Challenge Coin is not only to show the award recipient that they have been challenged in a particular category of competition, but it also serves to celebrate the group or agency they belong to as well. Since the coins are not trophies they do not have to be presented right away after the completion of the challenge to the challenger. The challenge coins are kept until the next round of drinks occurs at the seminar or club meeting. If the beverage host chooses to present the challenger with their coins right away, the challenger must wait until all of the other competitors have finished their drinks before they can receive their own.

The purpose of the Challenge Coin tradition has long been linked to a special forces unit. In the US Air Force, the rank order is based on the number of challenges that a soldier has received throughout their career. The process of ranking begins with the lowest ranked member being the “challenger” and each challenge earns them additional ranks. The highest ranking member within the Air Force is the “Champion”. All members are required to wear their Challenge Coins at all times during their career, except the champion, who may only wear their coin on certain occasions.

In the US Army, the tradition of wearing the coins began in World War II. They were given by an enlisted man who won the coin at a military fitness competition. The coins were not a real monetary award but rather a reward for his performance. Today, challenge coins are often exchanged between members of the armed forces for things like recognition, skill, physical strength, and leadership.

The tradition of wearing challenge coins has been carried on through the years. Today, many members of the armed forces choose to earn their Challenge Coins or their medallions by taking part in specific programs and events. Some soldiers choose to participate in challenge coin traditions to earn a silver star, which is displayed proudly on their chest. There are also several charities that help pay for the cost of military challenge coins, and the tradition continues to gain popularity each year.

Types of Satchel Bags

Satchel bag have become extremely popular among young college students as a way of carrying textbooks around campus. These bags range in size from small to medium to large, but typically it comes in medium to larger size with either too long or short handles and a flat bottom. There are many different brands of satchel bags such as the Discreet Bag, the H&M Satchel, and the Jane W. Taylor Satchel Bag. The following article is a brief description of each bag and what to look for when purchasing one.

The Discreet Bag has a zipper closure and a strap made of leather with an adjustable buckle at the top. It is a medium sized bag that is available in black or brown fabric. It offers a satchel bag status with brown or black straps. The overall bag is a medium size and available in either an oversized or compact design.

The H&M Satchel Bag is an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive Jane W. Taylor Satchel Bag, which is often times sold with a crossbody bag. The H&M bag has straps made of nylon that are made to hook around the waist for easy carrying. It also has a small front pocket and multiple interior compartments that are held in place with Velcro straps.

The Jane W. Taylor Satchel Bag features a flap that runs from top to bottom rather than being divided into two sections. The large flap, which is usually found on messenger bags and outdoor backpacks, can be closed with elastic bands that run along the outside of the bag. There is a small pocket on the inside of the flap that is used for storing pencils, pens, business cards, and other small items.

A crossbow satchel bag allows for the person to carry the entire weight of the bag on one shoulder. This is great for people who need to commute to work every day. With the large opening on the inside of the bag, it allows the person to carry everything they need without having to carry the entire weight of the bag. Many of these types of bags have smaller zippers, but many people prefer the large zippers because it is easier to identify which zippers are for the day and which zippers are for the evening.

Many people choose to have crossbody bags instead of the typical large tote bags or messenger bags because they allow for easy movement. With a crossbody bag, you can carry your laptop, keys, cell phone, and any other item that you would like to keep close at hand. Many of these bags have an extra flap on the bottom that runs across to the inside of the bag. This flap is used for a drawstring to allow the user to pull the bag closed while still keeping the items they are carrying within easy reach. These bags have two adjustable straps so that they can be worn over the shoulders or around the waist.